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ABOUT LADYBUG GIRL WIKI Ladybug Girl Wiki is a collaborative website about the TV series Ladybug Girl. It is here so every bit of information about Ladybug Girl!

WHAT'S NEW ON LADYBUG GIRL WIKI ■8/26/2010 - A new project has been formed! If you want to draw yourself in Ladybug Girl style, upload it!

HELPING OUT Not sure where to start? Well, edit all you want but don't add anything that's not about Ladybug Girl.

FEATURED ARTICLE Doctor Two-Brains is a villain on the series Ladybug Girl voiced by veteran voice actor Ed Arlock. Dr. Two Brains

POLL Which minor villain would you like to see more of in Season Three?

Amazing Rope Guy 7 Glen Furlblam 5 Guy Rich 6 Kid Potato 2 Ms. Question 8 Nocan the Contrarian 5 Royal Dandy 22 Seymour Orlando Smooth

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Latest activityEdit

  • new page Bumblebee Boy/Bob
    created by Phinny
    New page: Bumblebee Boy is a hero character on the series Ladybug Girl. He is Ladybug Girl's trusted monkey sidekick, as he is ALSO her pet. When he's not BB,...
    Added photo:
  • new page Brent The Handsome Successful Everybody-Loves-Him Sandwich-Making Guy
    created by Phinny
    New page: Brent the Handsome Successful Everybody-Loves-Him Sandwich Making Guy is a minor character on the Ladybug Girl show. He is CTESMG's brother. Unlike...
    Added photo:
  • new page Bosco
    created by Phinny
    New page: Bosco is a minor character on the series Ladybug Girl. She is a small, brown-furred monkey who Bumblebee Boy has a crush on. Actually Bob is the one...
    Added photo:
  • new page Bob
    created by Phinny
    New page: See Bumblebee Boy/Bob.
  • new page Lulu's House
    created by Phinny
    New page: Lulu's House is the center point of most of the episodes It is where Lulu lives. It is also where the Botsfords live. That's Lulu's family. Lulu is...
  • new page Lulu
    created by Phinny
    New page: Ladybug Girl is the main character and heroine of her self-titled animated TV series. Her secret identity is mild-mannered fifth grade Lulu Botsford....
    Added photos:
  • new page Artsy
    created by Phinny
    New page: Artsy is one of Tobey's robots, originally created for destruction but much always drew stuff on the things Tobey asked him to destroy. Artsy is...
    Added photo:
  • new page Amazing Rope Guy
    created by Phinny
    New page: Amazing Rope Guy is a villian on the series Ladybug Girl voice by Larry Murphy. He dresses in a tight dark blue uniform. He ties people up. Ladybug...
    Added photo:
  • edit Ladybug Girl Wiki
    edited by Phinny diff
    Edited the section: Welcome to the Wiki
  • page moved Main Page
    moved by CreateWiki script
    Renamed: Ladybug Girl Wiki
    Summary: SEO

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